January - February 2018

Roseburg Senior center Newsletter


Linda Sheridan

Happy New Year everyone!  Can’t believe another year has come and gone.  We have lots of work ahead of us this year.  We need to decide what we want this building to look like, what activities and services we want to offer, who we can partner with to promote our vision and mission statements, and of course fundraising and grants.

We need help from all of our members.  We are always in need of volunteers for the front desk, kitchen and could really use “handyman’s” help.  We are a board of 15 but we cannot do everything.  If you have ideas for tours or events please make your idea know and then perhaps help to see it through.  So many times someone will come and say “Why don’t you do this or do that?”  We say “that sounds like a great idea and would you like to be in charge of planning it”?  The response usually is, “Oh, I don’t have time, and I thought that was the board’s job”.  We would like to have more trips and more party type events but we need people to help.  The handful of volunteers who are here most of the time are maxed out.  We have a tour committee that meets the second Tuesday of each month at 2:00pm.  Everyone is invited and welcome to attend.  Many are interested in doing day trips, and Val would really appreciate your help in planning and following through on trips.  We try to have planned events throughout the year but we need help with planning, coordinating the venue, decorating and cleanup.  If you could help with just one thing we could have more for our members and the community to enjoy.

Once again Happy New Year and here’s looking forward to a successful year


Doris Loveday

Here it is; the end of another year.  Where has the time gone?  I look back over the last couple of months and think to myself “We have been busy!” While I may hope the next couple of months will be quiet, I realize we need to be busy.  We have a building to pay for.  We have had two really good months to end the year.  Our final gross income for the year 2017 was over $50,000. Now bear in mind we do have to buy our groceries and we do get donations so our bottom line was at 40% income for the year.

Financially, the kitchen has done very well and that is because of you, the members, who come in for lunch every day.  The Saturday breakfast is also growing, slowly. But let’s face it; the program is only as good as the people working.  I have to say the kitchen crew is fantastic.  You are lucky to have some very hard working members in the kitchen to make sure you have a palatable lunch and dinner on Friday night.

You may have noticed some new faces in our kitchen.  We have Jackie, who comes in on Monday and Tuesday to make soup and the daily special.  Then we have Natalie who comes in on Monday to help Mary.  June had to retire from Tuesday and I think I have someone new to come in and work with Colli.  On Thursday we have Kari and her husband Bob who come in to help Larry prepare for Friday and then they come in on Friday to help again.  And last but not least Natalia is our newest member on Friday.  And we still have William our favorite dishwasher and impromptu floor show singer.

I have to say that Friday night is growing like crazy since Colli has taken over.  She has a really good back ground in the restaurant business and is coming up with some spectacular items for the Friday night Bingo.

Of course we still have Margaret in and out of the kitchen most days of the week.  I want to give a big kudo to Margaret.  She took on the job of putting the Senior Center out at the Festival of Lights.  She and her husband, Dale, were there almost every time the Center was scheduled.  I think they may have missed two days when they turned it over to other volunteers.  The contribution Margaret and Dale made to the bottom line in the kitchen was tremendous.  And yet they are right there helping on Thursday and Friday, bringing Larry in to work, and on Saturday helping with the Breakfast.  THANK YOU to Margaret and Dale.

Here’s hoping the New Year will be a Happy and Prosperous one for the Roseburg Senior Center.


We will be updating our files this year for volunteers.

We want to create a permanent list of members who are interested in volunteering for a particular job.

Our office assistants will be going thru our membership file and making calls to talk to people, to ask what they are interested in doing.  We will then maintain a file of names to call, when a project comes up and we need helpers.  There always will be a chairperson to direct the project.  If you are interested in being a “Chair” let the caller know when they speak with you.  To reply at a later time, call Yvonne at 541-671-2634 and leave a message, or her cell number: 760-532-1187.  If everyone will pitch in and help, it will make our larger events run smoothly and not be so much work for a very few people trying to raise money for our Center.  WE all use it and should all be willing to help keep it solvent.  Thanks!


One of our recent volunteers, Jill McGregor, will be in charge of donated items for our annual Garage Sale in June.  We DO NOT have storage space for all donated items at this time.  Please call her at 541-643-1951 and make arrangements with her to pick up your items.  She will come to your home to pick up your donation.  DO NOT bring items to the Senior Center, at random times.  We will not accept electronics.  The Garage Sale is always the first Saturday in June so this year it will be June 2nd.  The Safety Fair will be in conjunction with it and an article about that will be in a later issue of the Senior Center Newsletter.


The editor of our newsletter has decided that our little paper needs to have a name all its own.  To be fair, we are planning a contest to choose a name.  There will be a box at the front desk with be a form to fill out and place in the box.  The editorial staff will decide on a winning name.  Hope you will all help us in finding a name for our newsletter.  We will select our new name by the next newsletter


For the third year in a row the kitchen, led by Doris with her crew of volunteers, provided a Christmas buffet lunch for the nice folks who live at Shadow Ranch.  They reserve our facility each year for their annual party and to play Bingo afterwards.  They decide on a menu and we make it happen for about 60 or so people each year.   The amount added to our fund this year was $500 and in addition, often the gratuity given to the servers, by the diners, ends up being donated back to the Center in one way or another.  Thank you, Doris, and to your band of volunteers who always give their time on a Saturday at holiday time to get this party done for our friends


On Tuesday, April 24, 2018 the Senior Center will host a free Fraud Prevention Training presented by Ellen Klem from the Dept. of Justice, Office of the Atty. General of Oregon.   This event will be open to the public from 3 to 4:30 PM.

This program is offered to us thru ADAPT, Compass Behavioral Health, and light refreshments will be offered.  Please plan to attend this very important event that all of us can profit from having the facts.  We have a signup sheet available at the Center, so please sign up for this event. .


Louise Piazza reports that the Fir Grove School baskets for the recent holidays were much needed and appreciated.  There were seven families who were treated to food baskets for a full holiday meal.

On Thanksgiving we provided food for three families and four for Christmas for a total of 16 children.  All of the families at Christmas happened to have a third grader.  In addition there were other middle school children, a few teens and one in college.  The youngsters were also given a gift in addition to the baskets for the whole family.  There was plenty of food for the big meal with lots left over to carry them into the following days and weeks after.  Everyone was very generous with their gifts here at the Senior Center, as they have been for many years, allowing us to be able to continue this tradition of giving to those families in need at the school.

The families were so grateful to the Senior Center for our help to them and their children.  This is a big job, assembling the donated food, buying all the additional fresh goods and figuring out how much to place in the various baskets according to the number in the family.  Then there are the gifts for the kids to consider, as well.  This is an important “outreach” to the community by our Senior Center, one of long standing, and we all owe a big THANK YOU to Louise for the outstanding job that she does; to keep our presence known to our neighbors.


Have you tried having breakfast at the Senior Center?  If not, maybe you should give it a try.  The food is always great, and we have a varied menu.  They even make quiche on occasion!  Excellent!


June Ervin

Roseburg Senior CenterCindy Harris is the petite gal with flaming red hair that you will often see at the pinochle tables here at the Senior Center.  She grew up playing all kind of card games, board games and such with her family in Klamath County.

In 1956 she moved to Roseburg and graduated as a secretary from Robertson’s School with a degree in accounting as well.  Right out of school she was fortunate to land a job with the Government at BLM & stayed there until she retired at an early age.  She next worked for Douglas County in the Environmental Health Dept.  It was while she worked there that she became aware of the Senior Center, located downstairs.

Being an avid card player, it was just what she was looking for and she and her husband started to attending on a regular basis.  This was back when rules were pretty loose and she doesn’t think they actually “joined” but rather just attended.  The only food served was the potluck on Fridays. At first they played Hand & Foot.

At that time she and her husband went to Lake Havasu for the winter and came back for summers.  They had been a couple for 50 years and married for 48 when she lost him.  For about a year she didn’t go out much or do fun things; being alone was new and strange for her.  Finally, she decided to give the Senior Center another try and by then there was an active Pinochle group, and she joined.  She was able to make new friends, renew some old ones and be the happy, vivacious person we all know.

About that time, she lost her Daughter to cancer and had a rough time going thru five months of her illness after being diagnosed.  She just got back on her feet from that and found that she too was facing the same issue herself.  Following surgery and months of chemo she returned to us as the same Spunky, fun lady that we all know.

Cindy has always loved to dance and does every chance she gets.  Thru a local square dancing class her granddaughter met John Swanson and decided he was just the guy her grandma should meet.  She arranged a meeting without telling either one about the other and of course she was right.  Just before Valentine Day this past winter, they attended their first dance together at the Senior Center and haven’t had a reason to stop dancing since.  They attend all our parties and lots of other places all over the area to dance.  They both play cards twice a week here and have lunch in the 50+ Café regularly.  Cindy is another example of how easy it is to make friends and fill the lonely places in your life by attending our wonderful Senior Center.