March - April 2018

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Roseburg Senior center Newsletter


Linda Sheridan

We held our first volunteer recognition luncheon for the volunteers of the Roseburg Senior Center on February 12, 2018.  I was really proud to be part of the committee that put the luncheon together for all of our hard working volunteers.  We figured if all of the 75 volunteers were turning in time sheets it worked out to $370,000 per year, that you volunteer to the center.  Once again, thank you to all of you!

In case you haven’t heard we have hired an Events Coordinator.  Her name is Ursula Angel.  She will be in charge of developing, organizing and scheduling activities, programs, classes and events.  She will also assist in grant writing and fundraising efforts.  We felt it was time to hire someone with some expertise in fundraising in order to grow the Senior Center.  With her help we hope to have more events to generate revenue, do some major fundraising events and get started on renovating.  We have formed a Building Committee which meets at 4:00pm on the second Tuesday of each month to make recommendations to the board for moving forward on renovations.  We welcome anyone who would like to attend and welcome ideas as to what you would like the Senior Center to look like.  We are looking at a new logo.  We are including pictures (see below) for your review in this newsletter.  The logo will be our signature in the community.  This is your chance to have a say, so please drop by and vote for your favorite.


Linda Sheridan

All of our programs are holding their own.  We have incurred some expenses in the past several months that we had been putting off until we knew for sure we were purchasing the building.  We had to have the elevator in the rental tower repaired at a cost of $3,500.  We also wrote off all the unpaid pledges and membership dues that were not paid.  That totaled $19,204.  As of February 2018 we are now requiring all non-members to pay a $1 for the use of the Senior Center.  This applies to all activities except the Friday Luncheon and Saturday Breakfast where everyone pays $5.  So please don’t be offended if our greeters ask if you are a member and check because some of our greeters may or may not know you.  We feel all non-members should help support the center; after all they are using the facilities for their enjoyment also.  If anyone has any questions or concerns regarding the financials of the center please ask Linda Sheridan or Yvonne Birdsell.  By the way, Yvonne and Barbara are doing a great job in the office.  I so appreciate their help


June Ervin

The staff of the newsletter ran a contest for a name.  There were a lot of names offered and some were mentioned by more than one person.  Several were considered and we voted for the ones we felt best suited for our paper, finally condensing the list down to the one selected.

Thank you, to all of you who offered a name for consideration.  It was a difficult decision to pick one we hoped would please most of you.  Since only about half of you included your name; we cannot acknowledge anyone who offered the winning choice.  We chose the one that most of our members can relate to.  Since we are all golden, if not “old”, this should work.

We plan to include the new logo in the design of the masthead on the newsletter, so until such time as it has been decided we will just use the new name on the old design.  The new design should be ready for the next edition.


Effective immediately, only the front entrance to the building is to be used, by EVERYONE.  The side door into the Cafe’ will no longer be used for entry.  This board decision was made as a safety measure for the well being of all our members.  Thank you for your cooperation.


Doris Loveday

The Kitchen, as you know, has been doing very well.  Right now we are trying to get rid of the Chinese Cooking Equipment in the old kitchen.  We have been in contact with the gentleman who used to service the equipment when the restaurant was still in existence.  We have found out that the cook stoves that are here are totally unusable.  But… and here is the good news, the woks are still usable.  Hopefully we can find someone who might want to purchase them.  We really need to get them out of the building before we can start designing the new kitchen.  They do have a resale value.  Here’s hoping we can get the help we need for us techie/media “dummie”. (I say that because I am one of them.)

On to more completed projects, I hope everyone enjoyed the Volunteer Luncheon.  I certainly did.  Thank you, Ruth Smith, for the wonderful decorations that enhanced the ambiance of the front room and the entertainer, Smokey Littlehawk.  Hopefully, we can bring him back for a repeat performance, possibly for another luncheon.

Suggestions are always welcomed.  We, on the board, run out of ideas for things to do.  My only suggestion would be…sign your name for the idea to be considered so that we know it is a real suggestion and not just “stuffing” the suggestion box.  The same goes for the kitchen, if there is something you would like to see done let me know.  I can’t implement a new meal idea if I don’t know about it.  The kitchen staff is willing to try most anything if it means happy customers and isn’t too time constricting.  But please remember, there is no paid staff in the kitchen.  We are all volunteers and we get tired, just like you.

Last but not least… Happy St. Patrick’s Day and Happy Easter. March is almost here and April 1st is Easter. Where is the time going?


Doris Loveday

The kitchen is in dire need of another helper, on Friday nights during Bingo.  They will be assisting the two other people with serving and washing dishes.

There is no need for cooking skills; must be neat and presentable.  If you have long hair, it must be fastened back.

The hours are 5:00PM to 8:30PM.  See Doris, in the kitchen, to apply.  This is a volunteer position, without pay


Val Ashcraft

The travelers’ committee has been working hard to plan trips for the 2018 season.  At this month’s meeting we decided to give our group a name.  When the Tour Group began, they called themselves the “The Gadabouts”. In honor of our dear friend, Lauretta Hall, now passed, who worked very hard for the group, we are going back to the original name.

We planned a trip for February 25th to the Little Theatre on the Bay in North Bend, but didn’t get enough interest to finance a bus.  So members car-pooled to the event.

We need more help with ideas, planning and carry through for our group to be successful for every trip.  Please call Val @ 541-680-4813 to volunteer, or just with an idea.

Some of the trips we are working on for 2018 are: The Sawdust Theatre, in Coquille, Salmon Bake in Depoe Bay, whale watching, Train trip and Cheese Factory in Tillamook and many more adventures.

Please come and join us; the trip sheets for April and May will be out soon.

Watch the new, large bulletin board for postings.  The following are currently on our tentative agenda:


The CAROUSEL Albany.


SAWDUST THEATRE Coquille Bandon for lunch, then the theatre @ 2PM .


RIDE THE RAILS Tillamook Cheese Museum tour Over-night trip




June Ervin

A man, a miss,
A car, a curve.
He kissed the miss,
And missed the curve.
Burma Shave

I’m sure that Burma Shave actually saved some lives.  People laughed and then were more careful!  It was a REAL “service” to America, even though it was an advertisement and it was one of the RARE “eally useful” ones!

For those who never saw any of the Burma Shave signs, here is a quick lesson in our history of the 1930s and 40s.

Before there were interstates, when everyone drove the old 2 lane roads, Burma Shave signs would be posted all over the countryside in farmers’ fields.  They were small red signs with white letters.  Five signs, about 100 feet apart each contained 1 line of a 4 line couplet and the obligatory 5th sign advertising Burma Shave, a popular shaving cream.

Don’t be surprised to see one of these little ditty’s pop up now and again in you newsletters.


The members of the Board who do not submit articles on a regular basis to the newsletter, have agreed to contribute from time to time.  This will bring some “outside” news to our readers.  The following is the first submission from Ruth Smith.


Corn is one of the most prevalent ingredients in the Blue Zones region of Nicoya, where they often make their own tortillas from maize nixtamal daily.

While cornbread has to be eaten right out of the oven or it dries out, these corn cakes stay moist and delectable for ages. Serve these with a fruit sauce for the perfect morning delight. —Kim Campbell, PlantPure Kitchen


1 cup finely ground cornmeal ½ cup spelt flour
1 teaspoon baking powder ½ teaspoon baking soda
¼ teaspoon ground cinnamon Pinch of sea salt
1 ½ cups unsweetened plant-based milk 1 tablespoon pure maple syrup
1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract  
1 cup fresh or frozen blueberries Fruit sauce, for serving (optional)


Tip:  Small frozen blueberries work best for this recipe.

Check out the Blue Zone newsletter article 20 Habits for a Healthier Life


Our Senior Center is offering the use of our building for the Community Baby shower for the low income moms-to-be, sponsored by Douglas County Parental Task Force.  This event will be held on Saturday May 12, 2018.

As part of our community out-reach program we are inviting our members to contribute baby items.  Any needle work or hand-made items, or even purchased, would be fine.  Baby gifts of all kinds are needed and are greatly appreciated.  Not only will it make this event a success, it will help all the new moms with much needed items for their infants.

There will be more about this party in the next newsletter, just before the event.


June Ervin

Roseburg Senior CenterDonna Bursik joined the Roseburg Senior Center on September 2, 2005.  Right from the start, she joined the working part of the membership.  She joined the bingo committee and has helped to run the Penny Bingo games on Monday for years, as she continues to do.  In the beginning she worked with Margaret Roark, who was already involved in many things at the center, as she still is.

A little later she was employed to help clean the kitchen and became acquainted with the group who was in charge of the food for the potluck, which was held on Fridays for lunch.  This was before there was a cook to prepare a meal.  All the members who came for lunch brought a dish to share.  The various volunteers who worked in the kitchen took care of the food as it arrived and arranged the table for service at noon.  Seemed like something she would enjoy, so she joined them.  She also made what seemed like rooms full of cookies during this time while we were still in the County building.

A while after she joined, she joined the board, during the time they were searching for a new facility.  The membership was advised they had to move out of the building they had occupied for many years and it was up to the board to head a search for another building.  After many trips thru many buildings, it was decided that this one, that we now own, was the best fit for us.

Both Donna and her husband of 59 years, Lyle, are Roseburg natives.  They were born and raised here and this is the only place they have called home in all their years together.  They raised five children, 3 girls and two boys who all also live here.  At the present time three of them, all single at this time, share a home together.  That is a close family.

Over the years, when time allowed, Donna held a variety of jobs.  Some that she mentioned were fast food, working in a service station and as a housekeeper in local motels.  All jobs she could do short term as her family duties and needs allowed.

Currently, Donna is on the committee of the Gadabouts and hopes to be able to travel with them more once she recovers from back surgery that is scheduled for the near future.  Best of luck, in a speedy recovery!


Are you missing out on Bingo? Check this out!


Only a penny per card per game – 18 games; plus 4 paper games at $1 each with payouts averaging from $15 to $80 – all payouts based on number sold.


$1 PER HARD CARD – 16 games plus 4 paper games at $1 each with payouts from $15 - $80 – all payouts based on number sold, with a progressive blackout starting at 48 numbers for $50 increasing one number and $10 per week.

FRIDAY BINGO 6:30 to 9:30PM

$16 FOR 19 GAMES INCLUDING SPEED. Payouts on 6 – on papers average $25 with special game payouts averaging $50 - $100 and one with a Chance to Win $1,000 - $99. The Progressive Bingo starts at 48 numbers for $200 increasing one number and $20 per week.

Mondays and Fridays, for those of you waiting for rides, we ask that you arrange your pick-up time for 3:30PM as the Senior Center closes when bingo ends.

Bingo cards may not be purchased or played other than at the approved location of licenser’s game.  A player must be present to win.  You must have a photo ID for all bingos over $100.  We will continue collecting canned foods for UCAN.  Get a free paper game on Wednesdays for 2 cans and on Friday get a free Early Bird Pack for 3 cans – just another way of supporting our Senior Center.  Thank you.


Linda Cornett

Need a place to hold your meeting or event? Give the Roseburg Senior Center a try!  You could even play bingo or eat a meal with your event; these are extra charges, but available to renters.  Meetings for large or small groups, possible monthly meetings too, can be arranged.

Contact the Facilities Rental Coordinator, Linda Cornett, at 541-673-9066 or leave a text message to 503-936-1005 for complete details or questions about our facility.


These three logo designs are the final ones selected by the committee.  Please circle your favorite and tear off the lower edge of this page and place in the box at the front desk before March 15th.  The one with the most votes will be adopted as our official logo to be used on our documents, for the community recognition.

Roseburg Senior Center Logos