Roseburg Senior Center minutes March 15, 2018

Roseburg Senior Center Board of Directors Meeting


Ruth Smith, Doris Loveday, Yvonne Birdsell, Val Ashcraft, Bill Crenshaw, Ed Hartley, Barbara Kinnan, Peggy Mark, Allan Painter, Louise Piazza, Lisa Schrader, Janice Sperry, Tom Weathers
Absent:  Wade Walker
Excused:  Linda Sheridan


Shawn Romine spoke to the board regarding PC Repair & IT Services. Shawn presented a “Managed Services Proposal.“  Proposal is attached.


Peggy Mark correction – Linda Cornett was not at meeting in February, therefore she could not have made a report on the Community Baby Shower.  Bill Crenshaw made a motion to accept the minutes with correction.  Lisa Schrader seconded the motion.  Motion carried.

Other guests:  Ursula Angel, Events Coordinator/Planner, June Erwin newsletter editor and Linda Cornett past president.

Ursula took a moment to thank everyone for their help.  She has been checking things out – flooring bids – St. Patrick’s Day entertainment – Parks and Recreation Brochure.  Please let her know if there is something she can help with.  One idea that has been proposed is taking pictures of the members and putting the picture next to the membership information in computer to help in case of an accident or emergency.


Decision on design was postponed until April meeting, with voting to close on April 1st.


Per Peggy Mark, they have not been able to check for pictures for the brochure.  Hopefully, by next meeting they will have something available for perusal.


  1. Roseburg Glass Co. was contracted to provide and install one pair bronze doors with push bar panic exit devices in the kitchen area at the cost of $1447.00.  Lisa Schrader made the motion to accept the bid and was seconded by Janice Sperry.  Motion carried
  2. A second bid from Roseburg Glass was to provide and install one 39” x 6” x 6” Horton Auto opener – Series 7100 on Front entrance with 2 remote (wireless) actuators, one inside and one outside.  Only one door of pair will open when button pushed.  Estimated cost: $2177.00.
    It was suggested 3 bids be gotten before making any decision.
  3. Electrical bids for:
    1. Motor to operate handicap door.
    2. Office plugin next to water heater for future use by computer and/or printer.
    3. Wiring for the computer area to allow more than 1 computer to be used at any 1 time.
    4. Wiring for the west end of building to ensure Bingo’s needs are met.
  4. Recommendation that the light over the wood carver tables be changed to accommodate their visual needs.  Upon further discussion Doris Loveday reported she had spoken with members of the wood carvers group that they could move the tables to adjust for lighting needs.
  5. Energy Trust of Oregon to be further discussed at next meeting.  Electrical bid for overhead lighting, lights out in the parking lot.  By using Energy Trust of Oregon the State might pick up 50% of the cost of changing the light fixtures. Waiting for a bid.
  6. Drywall will be fixed by member who volunteered to fix the hole by the west door.  Hole was made by the removal of the pre-existing bar
  7. After discussion with Rex, it was decided the engineer for the remodel will be determined by Rex.  Per discussion, the plans will be done to 1.) Extend the office suites and 2.) to keep the fire place in the lounge area.
  8. The Committee with get bids and interview for the Project Manager by the April 12th meeting.  Grants are being searched for and with a time line of being done by June with building dome by June next year
  9. There has been a donation made specifically for carpeting the great room.  The committee recommends accepting the bid from Floors by Design.  Further investigation needs to be done regarding the cost of closing the center for three days vs. the cost of having them do it on a weekend.
    Allan Painter volunteered to get another bid for the carpeting.  Allan also made a motion to give the committee the authority research and decide which bid to take and to spend $12,200.00 for procurement of carpeting.
    Yvonne Birdsell seconded the motion. Motion carried.


Peggy Mark made the motion to table the report until the April meeting.  Motion was seconded by Lisa Schrader.  Motion carried.


Allan Painter will go through the building and do a recording of the Center physical assets.


Val Ashcraft and group has scheduled the Hood River Train for April 28th.  Pick up at 5 am; cost $105.00; return 8 pm.  Pick up at Big 5 parking lot.
Will stop in Parkdale for lunch.
Will try to schedule a trip in May to the Carousel in Albany.
In June the Sawdust Theater is in the planning stage.


On April 28th there will be a “Holistic Fair” held in the great room.  The kitchen will be open.
The Center is collecting baby items for the Community Baby Shower to be held in the great room.  All items are to be new.  No hand me downs.


The banners of members for the Downtown Roseburg Association will be metal this year.  May 27th will be the Annual Meeting.  All members are invited.  The meeting to be held at the Umpqua Business Center.  There will be election of officers at this meeting.


Information needs to be into June Erwin by April 19th in order to be available for the next printing


Peggy Mark passed out list of proposed Policy and Procedures and asked everyone to check them out and if you can help or suggest anything “Offer to help”, PLEASE.


Code of Conduct expulsion.  Lisa Schrader made the motion – “Needs to be done in writing and handed to person.  There will be no refund of membership dues paid.” Allan Painter seconded the motion.  Motion carried.
Micro Management – Allan Painter suggested we give people the authority to process expenditures, when needed, without waiting to come to board for approval.  Lisa Schrader made a motion that the Executive Staff make these decisions with a limit of $5,000.00.  Tom Weathers seconded the motion. Motion carried.
By-Laws:  Need to convene a By-Law Committee.  Items for discussion:
Page 3 of 8, Section 9, “removal of director and pursue outside member to bring the board back to total count.”
Also: Page 6 of 8 Section 4 – “An Officer elected to fill a vacancy shall serve the remaining term of his or her predecessor, or until a successor has been elected and qualified.”
April 2nd Board Training Meeting:  Even though Merten will not be here to conduct our training, we will meet for our own training.  Ruth Smith to get info from Merten. Meeting closed 6pm

Meeting was adjourned.

Next board meeting:  April 19, 2018.

Respectfully submitted,

Doris Loveday, Secretary.

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