Roseburg Senior Center minutes May 17, 2018

Roseburg Senior Center Board of Directors Meeting


Linda Sheridan, Ruth Smith, Doris Loveday, Yvonne Birdsell, Val Ashcraft, Bill Crenshaw, Barbara Kinnan, Peggy Mark, Louise Piazza, Lisa Schrader, Tom Weathers
Late:  Janice Sperry
Excused: Ed Hartley
Absent: Allan Painter


Minutes were accepted with following corrections:  Bindo should be Bingo; building will be closed on July 23rd; Victory should be named as freezer in kitchen.  The name is not sufficient identification; “Shake down” done by City of Roseburg in October is an “Earthquake drill.”
Bill Crenshaw made the motion to accept the minutes as corrected.  Val Ashcraft seconded.  Motion carried. .


$74,000.00 in LLC plus $113,000.00 makes true balance of Liquid Assets.
Val Ashcraft made the motion to accept the treasurer’s report with Bill Crenshaw seconding the motion. Motion carried.


  1. Pamphlet:  It was suggested to Peggy Mark and Jan Sperry to consult with Brian Prawitz for suggestions or adjustments.  Still waiting for more pictures.
  2. Policy and Procedures:  Peggy Mark and Yvonne Birdsell say the process is coming right along.  Only have 6 or 7 more items to do.
  3. Haircuts cannot be done in the Center because of certain Oregon State Statutes, i.e. sanitation, Free Lance License.
  4. Due to the 501-3C designation the Center cannot promote any kind of “in home kind of care”, nail cutting, etc.  Refer such questions to Senior Services through the County/State jurisdiction
  5. Garage Sale: June 2nd.
  6. Veggie garden not possible due to insurance liability.  But a flower garden could be done.


Lighting through Pacific Energy Concepts has made a list of items to be ordered.  Sims Electric will due actual installation.  Waiting for due date.


  1. Trip to Albany, OR to see the Carousel exhibit on May 26th.
  2. A trip to Silverton, OR to see the Oregon Gardens scheduled for June 23nd.
  3. July 22nd there is a trip to the Sawdust Theater with lunch in Bandon.  Bus scheduled to leave at 8am and the return time is open.

Nothing is scheduled for August; but September is the month of the Salmon Bake on the Coast.  Date is not available at this time.


Ruth Smith made a motion that Ursula Angel be put in charge of publicity.  Bill Crenshaw seconded the motion.  Motion carried.
Linda Sheridan volunteered to do TV interviews with Donna Spicer at KPIC.
Ursula Angel is to contact the radio and newspapers on upcoming events.
One way to keep the expenses down would be to ask if these items could be a Public Service Announcement.  That way they could plug the information in whenever a spot was available.  Could these press releases be sent out by Brian Prawitz?
The Holistic Fair would like to hold their event at the Center again next year.
The Sock Hop is scheduled for July 5th.  Our favorite DJ, Dean Vincent, has been booked again.  Door prizes and/or contest prizes are needed.  Possible contests; hula hoop, The Twist, the best costume all need some kind of prize.
Grand Re-opening Celebration to show off all the changes made in the great room is scheduled for July 20th.
August 25th, Hot August Chili Cook Off.  This is going to need lots of work by everyone.  City and County officials need to be contacted early to insure their participation as judges.  The different organizations need to be contacted to start building competition.  Publicity to entice the public to come and participate by eating the different entries in the contest is most important.  This could be a great money maker if done right.

Other suggestions for possible money making projects:

  1. Car wash.  Get one of the schools involved with a 50/50 split.  The center furnishing the water, etc.
  2. Hot August Nights – Hot music – Drinks? – Dancing?


Doris Loveday reported that the sanitizer in the kitchen is getting old and we will need to invest in a new piece of equipment in the future.  The current machine is at least 20 years old.  Roseburg Refrigeration is keeping it working for now.  Lisa Schrader suggested the 50/50 ticket sale at the Friday lunches be designated towards the purchase.  Great idea.


Bingo is doing well. July 21st Marathon has received a donation of 2 bikes for the event.

Lisa Schrader contacted the Justice Department regarding questions pertaining to rules regarding “workers” being able to play.  As the Bingo Manager, Lisa is not allowed to play.  There are new rules in the future regarding “workers” and as soon as Lisa is notified of any changes, she will bring the information to the board.  For now the “volunteers” are allowed to play.  If they were paid employees they would not be allowed to play.
Yes, there is a committee.  It consists of Lisa Schrader, Jan Sperry and Dee Munter.
Suggestion for doing a Monte Carlo night – this event will need its own license.


It has been suggested that a “Memorial” of deceased members be included in our newsletter.  June Ervin has said she will try to do it but she will need a list of those members who have passed.  She will try for the September issue.  If you know of someone please call and leave the information.
The printing is not currently being done in house.
All information for next edition is due the 1st of June.


  1. Safari passes. Val Ashcraft will check on the cost for a Center Pass like the one currently available through the Winston Senior Center.
  2. Closing Time.  The Center advertises that we are open from 8 am to 4 pm.  We need a board member in the building every day until 4 pm.  Bingo is responsible for Monday and Wednesday.  Someone from Pinochle will need to be responsible for Tuesday and Thursday.  Ruth Smith and Ed Hartley share the responsibility for Friday from lunch to Bingo.

Meeting was adjourned.

Next meeting:  June 21, 2018

Respectfully submitted,

Doris Loveday, Secretary.

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