Roseburg Senior Center minutes January 18, 2018

Roseburg Senior Center Board of Directors Meeting


Linda Sheridan, Ruth Smith, Doris Loveday, Yvonne Birdsell, Val Ashcraft, Bill Crenshaw, Ed Hartley, Barbara Kinnan, Peggy Mark, Louise Piazza, Lisa Schrader, Janice Sperry
Absent: Allan Painter, Wade Walker, Tom Weathers.


Correction – Page 4 New Business Linda Cornett stated the Halloween Party was not cancelled and the minutes should read “there may not be” a Halloween Dance next year.
Bill Crenshaw made a motion to accept the minutes and Barbara Kinnan seconded.  Motion Carried.


Peggy Mark made the motion the accept Yvonne Birdsell’s report and Lisa Schrader seconded the motion. Motion carried.
Profit and Loss statement was accepted.


The budget for 2018 shows a 3% increase in income and expenses for Bingo and Concession.
The program “Fir Grove” shows to be more extensive this year since nothing had been scheduled for the two previous years.
Ruth Smith made the motion to accept the Budget and Bill Crenshaw seconded it.
Motion was carried.


The Edward Jones initial investment of $45,000 has grown to $59,980 a 32% growth over the last three years.
There is $67,000 + monies in the LLC account.  Linda Sheridan suggested that we move $50,000 to Edward Jones to help grow the LLC for that final payment.   Janice Sperry made the motion to transfer the monies to Edward Jones.  Peggy Mark seconded the motion.  Motion carried.
For future reference:  donations need to be specifically designated, for the LLC or for the operating fund.  The operating fund keeps the Center open and operating.





Peggy Mark and Yvonne Birdsell have been working on revamping the current procedures:

Ruth Smith to get policies from NWU.

Saving seats at Bingo – Change or keep rules as they now stand?

Investment Policy was written up when we changed to Edward Jones.

Service Dogs: Only ADA Licensed or Certified Therapy dogs to be allowed.

Need a poster to that effect to put on the doors.

Thought for the Day: What is your commitment to the Center?

Meeting was adjourned.

Next board meeting: February 15th, 4 pm in the Center.

Respectfully submitted,

Doris Loveday, Secretary

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